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In what way may I provide light to see without disturbing others?

My goal is to find a way to navigate my room after dark without disturbing my roommate.

5.1 Concept Testing - 1 Concept

I am pursuing concept C, a wearable bracelet with LED illumination.

After last week's prototype phase, a number of needed improvements became apparent.

  1. The bracelet needs more illumination. (more LEDs?)
  2. The bracelet needs a more convenient power source. (smaller batteries?)
  3. The bracelet should have less harsh lights. (Red LEDs?)

My first and most helpful round of testing came from having users use the prototype themselves. This is where I discovered the above issues.

The form below is a demonstration of a possible method of concept testing I would use in a focus group setting.

If you needed to see your way in the dark without disturbing others, which solution would you prefer?
Illumination from a mobile device A small flashlight A bracelet with built in lights