David Schofield

Marketing that Enchants and Design That Inspires.

About Me

In A Nutshell I'm a marketer and designer focused on creating enchanting interactions between customers and companies, whether that takes the form of a website, social media presence, ad campaign, or product design. I love learning things, making things, and working with people.
Officially David Schofield is a marketing and communications professional based in Pittsburgh, PA. He got his B.S.B.A. in Marketing and Management with a minor in Interaction Design from Robert Morris University. He is Marketing and Communications Coordinaror at City of Play, as well as a freelance marketer and web developer. When he's not crafting brand experiences or making something for the web, you can find him making something in his workshop, cooking something new, or hitting up cultural events in hope of food trucks.
Fun Facts
  1. I got lost in Mexico as a young child.
  2. On the same trip, I sustained two pinata related injuries.
  3. I've developed my own film, darkroom style.
  4. I was almost in a play.

David is highly intelligent and a fast learner. He has an affinity for technology and multi-tasks with it very well. He does his best work when left to his own devices - tell him what you need and when you need it by and he'll run with it.

Cindy Leonard

Consulting Team Leader at Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management

My Work

David... is a highly intelligent, detail-oriented, and insightful employee. In the last several months of working together, David has demonstrated his ability to quickly understand various components of our work, develop acumen for them, and then expand his capabilities to new areas of our company. He puts forth his best effort on every task he is assigned, and has begun developing his own projects both directly and indirectly related to his assigned duties, demonstrating the creative approach that is essential for our company to grow.

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